Heroes: BoD is both a competitive and a cooperative game where one player takes on the role of the Villain and the remaining (up to 3) take on the role of the heroes opposing them. The unique factor is that the heroes are able to collaborate and come up with a strategy for their turn and decide between themselves the order they make their actions. I am working on a “sidekick” deck that will help the hero when it is a 1 on 1 scenario.

As play goes on, the Heroes earn Destiny by performing heroic acts such as defeating henchmen or rescuing hostages. When a hero has enough destiny they unlock a new ability for their character. There are Attack, Defensive, and Support abilities. Each ability also comes with its own small deck of cards. Heroes are able to gain up to 3 abilities.

The Villain gains power by playing henchman and kidnapping hostages and causing terror on the streets. Their power grows over a set amount of time, each new ability gives them access to even more powerful tools for their attack against the city and the heroes trying to protect it.

First time: 2.5 hours      Familiar time: 1 hour     Players: 2-4   Cost Goal: $38

Keywords: Superhero, Supervillain, Growth, Fight, Powers, Cards, Randomization, Destiny