Manifest is a table top/pen and paper RPG that is both brutal and rewarding. Set far into the future here on earth, Mankind has been pushed to the brink of existence by being overrun by a race of intelligent machines known as the Antykitheran.¬†When the power source for the Antykitheran was destroyed, millions of impure “Shards of Power” dotted the landscape, giving off impure radiation into all things around them and sometimes, having bizarre effects. Mankind mutated. Not on the outside as much as the inside. Their bodies accepted the radiation from these shards and they found they could control the awesome power held within.

Now, the six factions of man have been warring for centuries after the appearance of the shards, destroying themselves with weapons from the civilization past. Resources have run dry. Now, it is time to join together and journey to the land the Antyks once held if they are to survive.

The core game mechanic utilizes d10s (10 sided dice) in a way that is not often seen that once mastered, can open up a lot of different strategies for character growth, or keep it simple and grow steadily more powerful. Create your own beasts who have been affected by the shards or use the ones already created. Explore the world beyond your shores and help your people to survive.

Keywords: Exploration, Growth, Create, Beasts, Intrigue, Survival, Combat, “Magic”

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